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CAS Introduction
The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), Yunnan Normal University is accredited by the Ministry of Education and has won numerous awards for its students’ academic excellence.
Kunming is located at the southwest of China, it was also on the list of the most attractive top ten cities of China in 2015. With its accommodating temperature and environment, the city itself is an ideal place for study,with lots to explore.
CAS is reputed for its high criterion set in teaching and research, and its compassionate care and support to the students' individuality. The school and its faculty are devoted to helping students from their varying academic needs to future career planning in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world.
College of Arts and Sciences, Yunnan Normal University offers students numerous options for foreign language studies. For which, the college has grown to become a major institution for students to study foreign languages and the center for foreign cultures.
Thanks to its close ties with universities around the world, CAS has also sent many of its students abroad for educational programs and career opportunities. It provides students with on and off-campus degree courses in the arts, sciences and for career qualifications in teaching, designing and other professions.
School of Business Administration
College of Arts and Sciences, Yunnan Normal university offers degrees under the Institute of Business Administration with four undergraduate programs - industrial and commercial management, tourism management, logistics management, and public utilities management.
Each program is generally designed to assist students to develop analytical and problem-solving skills and strategies, with different angles and focuses provided, students are allowed to first equip essential business tools relating to math, statistics, accounting, marketing, finance and logistics.
The bachelor degree programs at business school focus on combining applied theories with practical working circumstances. Students can take advantage of advanced courses that are made for meeting different academic or career needs in an ever competitive job market.
School of Economics
College of Arts and Sciences, Yunnan Normal University offers degrees focused on economics and finance. Undergraduate programs in this school are designed to give students theoretical and practical industry skills and knowledge on economics and finance for future career success. 
The School of Economics consists of three departments: International trade and finance, Economy, Finance and Taxation. It focuses on a wide variety of business disciplines and economics theories. Students under this program will be put into the research of economic theories, investment principles and many other focuses that will assist students to grasp better knowledge on an ever increasingly integrated economic world as well as practical skills in dealing with various trading scenarios.
School of Art and Media General Introduction
College of Arts and Sciences, Yunnan Normal University offers a bachelor of Arts in art and media communications, designed to equip students with the essential skills for a multitude of established and newly developing careers in the increasingly expanding fields of global communication and information.
With real-world professional experience, the faculty members are able to share the latest techniques and ideas on aspects including visual design, product design, art education and technology. Students sharing this academic focus will be able to develop critical skills as well as innovative thinking in the world of art designing and performance
Introduction to School of Urban Construction
School of Urban Construction (SUC) consists of three departments, namely Architecture Department, Gardening and Horticulture Department and Space Design Department, with currently 6 bachelor’s degree programs—Urban and Rural Planning, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Gardening, Horticulture, and Space Design, offering students who share similar academic interest multiple degree options.
With the aim of developing students’ practical skills in problem-solving in related industries and academic creativity, SUC offers varied internship opportunities from institutes and companies in the related industry.
Introduction to School of Humanities 
College of Arts and Sciences, Yunnan Normal University offers a bachelor of Arts in humanity studies by the School of Humanities. The school involves in the studies in Chinese language and literature, practical skills exercised by the profession of secretary, administrative management and the profession of editing and publishing.
With experienced lecturers and professors providing their first-hand information and proved expertise on the related industry, students are expected to require both theoretical and practical skills when confronted with real-world tasks.
Introduction to School of Foreign Languages
The language focuses of School of Foreign Language involve English, Korean, Thai, French, Japanese and Spanish. The school is also home to the Institute of English and American Literature, PaiChai Education Center of Korean Language, Yunnan French Language Training Center and Webster Education and Information Center.
The school’s experienced and skillful faculty enjoys the highest degree of foreign language teaching expertise in the region. To help its students to adapt into a world where the needs for culture exchange are surging, the school has been working extensively with related departments and numerous overseas university partners, providing students with various programs studying abroad.
With the help from the award-winning school that focuses on providing essential language study skills, students sharing this academic focus will experience professional guides on interested language fields, and be exposed to a world of cultures that bear different customs, values beliefs and knowledges.
School of Computer Science
Computer skills are becoming ever-more in demand across many industries and professions, creating a wide-range of graduate opportunities.
College of Arts and Sciences, Yunnan Normal University offers a Bachelor focuses on computer science and technology, mathematics and applied mathematics, information management, electronic information engineering and applied statistics.
The tutors, many of whom are IT professionals, are dedicated to providing the most latest information and knowledge to their students in a world of evolving technologies and industry innovations.

School of Physical Education
School of Physical Education (PE) is established in 2011, and  with a total of more than 460 students currently. The students who are interested in PE,  College of Arts and Sciences, Yunnan Normal University offers a Bachelor focuses on Physical Education or Sports Science. 
School of Physical Education has well- structured faculty, 8 professors and 18 associate professor in full-time, with a proportion of 3: 1: 1 in Professor and associate professor, lecturer, and assistant lecturer.